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Commercial Floor Cleaning

Please contact Blue Ribbon Floor Care today for your free estimate. Together we can insure that your business has its best look showing everyday.

At Blue Ribbon Floor Care we take commercial cleaning as serious as we do our own home. We offer after-hours and weekends to help ensure that the business can continue to function during its regular business hours and maintain their customer service. We do move furniture, including tables and chairs, and are open to special requests that can better service our commercial clients.

Some of our special requests have included:

  • Can you be in and out in a short time?
  • Can you do it in parts over several days?
  • Can you work Friday night at 1:00 A.M. and have it done and dried enough for business Saturday morning?

Our answer is YES we can! (These are only some of the most common requests; there are many other).

At Blue Ribbon Floor Care we offer strong emulsifiers to work on problem areas, such as kitchens, work stations and places with heavy traffic. We also carry many deodorizers and odor eliminators to address many of the problem areas found in commercial flooring.

Blue Ribbon Floor Care offers 24-HOUR EMERGENCY WATER EXTRACTION to serve our commercial customers. We understand that “business must go on,” even after something puts a damper on it.

Many of our clients prefer the convenience of a contract service and the added discounts that go with it; when under contract the pricing is discounted and the expense is fixed.

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