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Residential Floor Cleaning

Think about the money invested into your carpets and in your home; let Blue Ribbon Floor Care keep it looking its best.

Household carpets collect thousands to tens of thousands of dust mites and bacteria. Cleaning the carpets regularly helps to promote better indoor health and ensures a clean-looking home. Regular cleaning also prevents wear of the carpet fibers; the soils wear down the fibers and cause the carpet to look worn and dirty. Vacuuming alone does not get the deep cleaning that is achieved by having your carpets professionally cleaned. Studies have shown that floors that are clean help maintain a healthier indoor living environment and keep allergens at their lowest levels.

By using hot water or steam extraction we achieve the cleanest carpet possible. More manufacturers recommend these methods than any other method. At Blue Ribbon Floor Care we use superior truck-mounted equipment and safe, formulated cleaning agents to get that deep down clean for your carpet and upholstery. Our methods get deep into carpet fibers and leave no soap residue.

Blue Ribbon Floor Care uses green cleaning products that are safe around children and pets. We also have cleaning methods that are safer around birds, as it is known that they are highly susceptible to respiratory problems from most chemicals use for cleaning.

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