Carpet Cleaning Services in Land O Lakes, FL

Carpeting is more than a decorative statement, it’s an investment. You purchase carpeting in the hopes of not only making your home stand out, but keeping it looking brand new for many years to come. With the help of our carpet cleaning services in Land O Lakes, FL, your carpeting will get the cleaning it needs in order to meet your requirements.

Why Get Your Carpeting Professionally Cleaned?

As a homeowner you may wonder why you would need to take the extra steps of having your carpets cleaned professionally when you can just clean them yourself. You can clean them yourself, but the results will not be the same. Just think, your carpet collects hundreds of dust mites every week. Vacuuming alone will not get you the same results as having your carpets professionally cleaned. Our Land O’ Lakes carpet cleaning services will not only get rid of the dust mites, but promote better indoor carpet health which will ultimately prevent the natural wear and tear of the carpet fibers. Choosing a professional company such as Blue Ribbon will save you the time and the effort of continuously vacuuming or steam cleaning your carpets yourself.

Our Deep Cleaning Process

We clean your carpet with green products that are safe for children and pets. During the cleaning process, your carpet is cleaned with hot water or steam extraction using superior, truck-mounted equipment. Our safe and formulated cleaning solution gets down deep into your carpet without leaving soapy residue. This achieves the cleanest carpet possible.

Employing Carpet Protection

After your carpet has been deep cleaned, our Land O Lakes carpet cleaning service team recommends the carpet fabric protector that prevents stains from settling into your carpet which keeps your carpet from getting dirty too quickly.

Blue Ribbon’s Carpet Deodorizer

In addition to our carpet cleaning solution and fabric protector, we have a strong, enzyme-powered deodorizer that fights odors such as food or drink spills, pet odors, and more.

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