Should You Clean Your Carpet or Replace It?

Many people treat carpet as an afterthought by relying on a quick vacuum to remove dirt or by doing a quick spot clean whenever spills happen, but this won’t always solve your carpet woes. There are times when a deep cleaning is needed and then there are times when even that won’t work. We’ll give you five signs that your carpet needs professional carpet cleaning services in Lutz and three signs that indicate you need to replace your carpet right away.

When it’s Time to Clean Your Carpet

We recommend having your carpet cleaned every year or two depending on how worn your carpet gets from traffic and especially if you have kids or pets. This will help maintain the cleanliness and plushness of the carpet. The following five signs indicate you need to clean your carpets soon.

  1. There are too many unsightly stains.
  2. Your carpet has a dingy look even after cleaning.
  3. Someone has allergies which are easily irritated by dust and pet dander.
  4. Your carpet smells bad even after vacuuming and spraying air freshener.
  5. You can’t remember the last time you got a professional cleaning.

When it’s Time to Replace Your Carpet

Sometimes a good carpet cleaning may not do the trick. Although well-maintained carpet can last for years to come, there are times when carpet needs to be replaced. Some of the signs that your carpet needs to be replaced include:

1. Extreme Wear and Tear

There’s normal wear and tear and then there’s irreparable damage. If your carpet is worn due to heavy foot traffic or it’s matted or torn, you should replace your carpet.

2. Odors That Won’t Go Away

If you’re noticing that after a thorough cleaning, the odor doesn’t go away this indicates a type of build-up that is embedded deep into the carpet. For example mold or mildew can grow deep into carpet padding due to moisture from liquid spills. This can be a dangerous health hazard.

3. Permanent Stains

Some stains are just too tough to get rid of. This is likely due to stains that are not treated quickly. After attempting a spot removal or a cleaning by a professional, you may need to just replace your carpet.

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