Carpet Cleaning Services in Wesley Chapel, FL

Blue Ribbon Floor Care understands that your carpeting is an investment, and we know that your investment needs more than just a regular cleaning. With our carpet cleaning services in Wesley Chapel, FL, your carpeting will get what it needs to prolong it’s lifespan.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets in the home continuously collect thousands of dust mites and bacteria. We know that vacuuming alone will not get the deep cleaning results that are achieved from having your carpets professionally cleaned. We recommend you use Wesley Chapel carpet cleaning services to help promote better indoor carpet health and ensure a clean home. By employing regular carpet cleaning, you will help prevent wear and tear of the carpet fibers.

How We Deep Clean Carpets

Here at Blue Ribbon Floor Care, we use hot water or steam extraction to achieve the cleanest carpet possible. Our carpet cleaning services in Wesley Chapel, FL., consist of using superior truck-mounted equipment and safe, formulated cleaning solutions that clean your carpets deep down, leaving no soap residue. We use green cleaning products that are safe around children and pets.

Carpet Protection

When hiring our Wesley Chapel carpet cleaning service, you have the option of adding on a fabric protector to the carpet. We recommend this to help protect the carpet from re-soiling quickly and resisting stains from settling in.


We use a powerful, enzyme-powered deodorizer to fight against tough, organic odors. The deodorizer eliminates odors by digesting the organic matter that causes odors from kitchen spills, pet odors from feces, urine, vomit, and more, leaving the area smelling fresh.

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