5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Carpet

It’s not easy keeping carpet looking fresh and new. With your family’s daily traffic and food and drink spills, the beautiful new appearance of carpet begins to deteriorate. As Wesley Chapel carpet cleaning services experts, we can’t stress enough the importance of regular upkeep. It is the key to improving the appearance of your carpet and for prolonging its life. Here are 5 easy ways to maintain your carpet.

1. Vacuum Regularly

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Vacuuming your carpet several times a week helps to keep dirt and dust from becoming impacted in the carpet.

2. No Shoes Allowed

Purchase a shoe storage bin or cubby and have family members and guests remove their shoes upon entering the house. Allowing socks or slippers only will keep soil and dirt to a minimum.

3. Clean Spots and Spills Immediately

Food and drink mishaps are bound to happen especially if you have children in the home. Pets are likely to have an accident or two. To reduce the damage, it’s always important to clean these stains immediately to avoid them settling into the carpet.

4. Protect the Carpet

Purchase a non-toxic carpet protector spray to help prevent stains. Use outdoor mats to trap dirt before you come in the home and an indoor mat to catch the rest. Additionally, placing area rugs and washable runners can help in the areas that get the most traffic.

5. Hire a Professional

You can do daily prevention yourself, but it’s also a great idea to get the help of a trained carpet professional every now and again. An expert carpet cleaner knows the proper techniques to remove stubborn stains, eliminate odors, and reduce indoor allergens.

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