Tile And Grout Cleaning Services in Land O Lakes, FL

Your tile cleaning services in Land O Lakes are very important to us. We want to help keep your tile and grout looking its best, ensuring not only a clean kitchen, but a longer lasting hard floor surface.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Cleaning Method for You

When you hire Blue Ribbon Floor Care for tile and cleaning services in Land O Lakes, we will come out to your home to evaluate the surface and determine the best cleaning method for that service. We do this because not all hard surfaces are cleaned the same way. A good example of this is natural stone hard flooring. Natural stones like marble, slate, or granite must be handled carefully because they are easiest to destroy. Incorrect cleaning methods can cause the colors of the stones to change.

Once we determine your cleaning needs, one of our Land O Lakes tiling and grout cleaning service team members will explain the process of caring for your particular floor type and go over the recommended cleaning process. This will also be the time when we provide you with a quote.

Preparing Your Floors for Cleaning

To prepare your floors for the cleaning process, we will move the furniture and items from the area to be cleaned and then we’ll apply the pre-spray designed specifically for your hard surface flooring.


After the pre-spray is applied, we will apply a high-pressure rinse that is used along with a high power vacuum to remove all of the embedded dirt and cleaning solution from the tile and grout. We do the rinsing process slowly, making sure that all of the cleaning solution has been removed.


We also recommend that you reseal your hard flooring after a cleaning. With our grout cleaning services in Land O Lakes, we only use a Neutral pH balanced cleaner to safely clean your flooring. This makes the maintenance of your flooring much easier, and in the case of floors with natural stones, the Neutral pH cleaner will prevent staining and discoloring.

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