Tile And Grout Cleaning Services in Lutz, FL

Blue Ribbon Floor Care knows the importance of having professional tile cleaning services in Lutz. It’s not only necessary to keep your flooring looking it’s best, but it will also last longer, saving you replacement costs in the future.

Determining the Best Method for Your Floor Care

When you hire Blue Ribbon Floor Care for your tile and cleaning services in Lutz, we make it a priority to identify your floor surface type. Doing so ensures we choose the best method to clean your hard surface area. We do this because not all hard surfaces, such as natural stone floor, are cleaned the same way. This particular hard surface is one of the easiest to destroy, and cleaning it the wrong way will cause the colors to change. Whether you have marble, slate, or granite natural stone flooring, they must all be handled carefully to ensure the best results for your Lutz tile and grout cleaning service needs. Blue Ribbon Floor Care has the skills and experience needed to give you the best floor cleaning results possible.

The Hard Surface Cleaning Procedure

Once we determine what type of flooring surface you have, we will then explain to you what the process is for your type of flooring, and go over our recommended cleaning process, as well as provide you with a quote.

Our Cleaning Process

Once we are ready to begin cleaning, we move all the furniture and items from the area to be cleaned. Next, we apply a pre-spray that is designed specifically for your hard surface flooring. After that, we apply a high-pressure rinse that we use with a high vacuum to ensure all embedded dirt and the cleaner are removed from the tile and grout. When we apply the high-pressure rinse slowly, to make sure that all the cleaning solution is removed. Last, if you request, we seal the grout and tile.

Resealing Tile and Grout

If you’ve requested, our our final step in our grout cleaning services in Lutz is to seal everything. We highly recommend that you choose to have your flooring sealed after the cleaning. We only use a Neutral pH balanced cleaner to safely clean your hard surface flooring. Resealing will make the maintenance of your flooring much easier, and in the case of floors with natural stones, the Neutral pH cleaner will prevent staining and discoloring.

When you hire Blue Ribbon Floor Care, someone from our team will come out to your home for an evaluation. Our team member will go over the sealing process with you and which parts of your flooring needs to be resealed. Many other floor care companies will try to convince you that the tile and grout of all flooring needs to be sealed; however, this is not always the case. Let us care for your grout cleaning services in Lutz, and show you the difference of what a professionally cleaned floor can do for your home.

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