Why the Tile You Select for Your Bathroom Matters

As tile and grout cleaning experts, we know that the type of tile our clients choose for their bathrooms matters. The tile you select matters because it needs to withstand the high amount of moisture in your bathroom. It’s also important because not all tiles such as porcelain, natural stones, mosaic, and ceramic are cleaned the same way. If you are unfamiliar with the proper cleaning methods of your tile, you’ll definitely benefit from our professional tile cleaning services in Wesley Chapel, FL. If you are embarking on a new bathroom tiling project, we’ll recommend tile options for your shower, backsplashes, flooring, and walls.

For the Shower

For the shower, you should choose tiles that will not absorb large amounts of water and can handle frequent cleanings. Some good choices include small mosaic tiles, glazed tiles, and ceramic tiles. When installing tiles, it’s important to select grout lines that reduce slippage.

For Backsplashes

Backsplashes are growing in popularity for bathrooms because they are a creative way to add personality to the sink and mirror area. Did you know that painting the wall behind your sink and placing a wall on top will not only protect the wall from water damage but it will also give the area a beautiful shine? Mosaic tiles are also great because the color options and visual effects are virtually limitless.

For Flooring

Again, bathrooms are prone to more water damage so you’ll want to choose tile flooring with traction to reduce slipping. Through-body porcelain and glazed porcelain are great options because they are water, stain, and scratch-resistant. Additionally, they keep feet warmer than ceramic tile. Whenever you have grout in your flooring, staining is inevitable so we highly recommend grout cleaning services in Wesley Chapel, FL to keep your grout bright and clean.

For Walls

The walls in your bathroom are subject to the same wear and tear as your floors so you have more tile options. You can use the same types of tile on walls that you use on your floors. Glazed tiles are great at protecting against stains and water damage.

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