Upholstery Cleaning Services in Lutz, FL

Upholstery cleaning services in Lutz, FL are ideal for individuals hoping to keep their upholstery looking fresh and clean. If left uncleaned, upholstery can contribute to poor air quality as well as take away the stylish look of your home. Blue Ribbon Floor Care offers many services, and in this article we will go over upholstery cleaning and how to protect your home furnishings.

Benefits of Having Upholstery Professionally Cleaned

We understand that upholstery cleaning can be a difficult task for one to undertake, especially without proper equipment. A store-bought upholstery cleaner will not provide the same results as professional upholstery cleaning equipment. When you hire a professional Lutz upholstery cleaning service, you are guaranteeing the results you want without the stress and frustration.

Tips for Protecting Upholstery Between Cleanings

Not only is it important to take care of your home furnishings with upholstery cleaning services in Lutz, FL, but it’s also a good idea to take measures to protect your upholstery in between cleanings. Below, we’ve provided a few tips to help keep things fresh and clean.

Weekly Vacuuming

If you’re already vacuuming your carpets once a week, we recommend taking it a step further by vacuuming your upholstery. If you don’t want to implement vacuuming, use a soft brush to remove soil dirt that’s embedded in your upholstery.

Turn Those Cushions

Your upholstered cushions can look newer and stay clean longer by simply remembering to turn them over once a week to allow for an even distribution.

Limit Eating and Drinking on the Furniture

One of the most common problems we see with upholstery stains are linked to food or drink spills. Stains can set very quickly, making them harder to get out when it’s time for your Lutz upholstery cleaning service. We recommend trying to avoid eating or drinking on your upholstery to maintain its cleanliness, but if a spill does occur, immediately clean it up and schedule a cleaning appointment.

Avoid Pet Stains and Odor

Blue Ribbon Floor Care see’s a lot of pet stains and lingering pet odors on upholstery. If pets are already accustomed to being on furniture and can’t be kept off, we suggest placing a heavy blanket on the furniture.

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